Taxi Dispatch Software: What Function Is the Most Indispensable?

taxi dispatch software

Using a particular taxi dispatch software has a big positive impact to any taxi or transport business. Primarily, it will function efficiently because of the automated process that the software can provide in the scheduling process. A lot of important information can also be stored in such a software like names, addresses, contact numbers and email address, plus the convenience of setting up a schedule for a returning client. The operator does not need to ask all the questions again, just update it if necessary. From here, the operator will assign a designated driver and the vehicle to use and then save it.

With a taxi dispatch software, the operator can also be made aware of what is happening on every single dispatch. The software will display all the relevant information, like dispatch status – if it is done or cancelled. This software can also be used for issues like refund or billing concerns.

Since the operator or dispatcher is the front line of the business, the dispatch software is a great tool to enhance the business relationship towards the customers, they can then offer a great customer experience to the regular patrons as well as, new customers. A customer’s information can be pulled out immediately when specific records are in question. If there is any inquiries, it can be acted upon and resolved straight away. Common questions include the estimated time of arrival, location of the driver, and extra charges for additional stops.

There is no doubt that there are customers who are hard to please. There may be customer’s expectations that may not be satisfied and this is due to the fact that there is a lot of factors involved like location, age, gender, education background, marital status, education, job, salary, beliefs, hobbies and many more. There may also be some requests that the company will not be able to provide.

Another aspect of a taxi dispatch software is its integration with an online service. With today’s technology, where almost everybody is equipped with a smartphone, the system should be able to accommodate online booking as well. A multi-platform system is also suggested so the business can cover pretty much everybody with different devices. Desktop, laptop, mobile phones, tablets, with the multitude operating system such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS. Customers should be able to reach your taxi service on several ways.

If the taxi business is still operating without a taxi dispatch software, or if there is already one, but is limited to the things it can do, then it is time to do an upgrade. The transportation business is missing a lot of opportunities here. The internet alone has provided businesses with growth and prospects that is unimaginable in 5to 10 years ago.

Again, a good taxi dispatch software can bring out the best from the transportation business. An operator or dispatcher can never be more efficient than not having one. With an efficient operator, the customers’ satisfaction level will soon follow. So invest in one now.

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