Having being introduced recently, Microsoft EMS has influenced the company’s existing technology to empower the management of different device types from an ecosystem that operates as a single entity. It merges the cloud based management of Windows Intune with the conveyance of the management of SCCM, organizations can manage devices from a single installation. EMS is a collection of a subscribed service being offered as one product and consists of the Microsoft Intune PC management software. Customers can buy and use EMS directly, partners can deliver services with the suit as an anchor to other offerings too.

EMS has grown rapidly since its introduction. It has grown at over 700%. Market is being made on it now. Since it was introduced, the company has added it to the Cloud Solution Provider program that was launched in 2014, designed to allow partners deliver quality sets of cloud-based solutions to their clients.

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There are three important key elements to EMS:

  • Protection of data delivered by the Azure AD Rights Management Service.
  • Mobile Access Management and Mobile Device Management delivered by Windows Intune.
  • Access Management and Identity delivered by the Azure Active Directory Premium.
  • These are some of the benefits of using Microsoft EMS.


It offers the ability to manage all devices with inclusion of PCs and mobile devices from one environment for all organizations to manage and view all the devices accessing corporate resources like servers and tablets, Macs AND Ios. Specific benefits to such solutions include:

  • Support for the arrangement of certificates, Wi-Fi Profiles and VPN that enables easy accessibility of internal resources.
  • A portal for the company that enables the users to install application downloaded from play store on their devices and remove their managed devices.
  • Most recent updates of Microsoft to Windows Intune give organizations increased suppleness in order to enable users work on their chosen devices:
  • Ability for admins to configure email profiles and remove the profile and any related email through a remote wipe if needed.
  • Ios 7 settings supported for new data protection configured.
  • Admins ability to remotely lock lost or stolen devices.


It allows management of PCs and mobile devices in one place:

Every device is associated commonly with a user and thus has apps installed basing on the user needs.

Each device has a lifecycle within an organization this includes discovery retirement deployment and application provisioning. Users can self-provision apps through the company’s portal. They can also view, install and run many applications across many devices.


Root detection enables Information Technology determine the devices that are at risk. It can then choose an action to take like removal of a device from the management system. Windows Intune can also detect at risk device and then report back to the SCCM database for alert. Administration can then take other actions.


EMS includes Windows Intune, Azure AD Premium and Azure Rights Management Services. Some of the Purchasing options

User subscription License for Windows Intune that is available as an additional on for existing Endpoint and System Centre Configuration Manager protection for clients at a cheaper fee per user and every license can manage at most five devices per user.

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